Creiger Group, Boston Art Rentals, with corporate office in Bedford has been a fixture of the Boston art scene for three decades, has launched a new art rental program that allows clients to partake in the firm’s expertise and services by annually selecting artworks from the extensive collection firm founder and owner Joyce Creiger has amassed over 35 years in art sales.

“With our new program, clients can enjoy the benefits of a rotating fine art collection without the high acquisition cost and time-consuming selection process,” said Creiger. “Experimenting with different looks constantly refreshes and transforms the viewers experience of the office space without dramatic, and expensive, remodeling. No matter the budget, you can find the right artworks that will make the right statement about your company or your facility.”

To celebrate the launch of the new program, Creiger Group is offering a $200 gift coupon to any past client or new client against their next framed art purchase of $1,000 or more. The $200 coupon is good through April 15, 2009. “We want to do our part to stimulate the economy by making art more affordable to clients,” said Creiger.

Boston Art Rentals

Creiger Group - Boston Art Rentals

Creiger Group provides full services from selection to framing to installation. Sample gallery albums illustrating the wide range of artwork that is available through the company can be viewed at the company’s Web site  art portfolio. Both the art rental program and the purchase programs are tailored to the clients specific needs and would need an initial consultation and then specific recommendations would be made for the clients review.

“This new service is an important new adjunct to our core business of selling artwork to companies and institutions of all types,” said Creiger. “In today’s economy, it’s important to offer a variety of value-oriented options for clients.”

About the Creiger Group

Founded in 1973, Creiger Group has provided personalized corporate art services with a qualitative commitment to clients. The firm is committed to providing the highest quality fine artworks, sculptures and accessories within clients’ specific parameters. Having participated in the national and international art scene for over 30 years, the firm’s unlimited resources and connections give Creiger Group access to distinctive artists, publishers, dealers and galleries worldwide. For more information, visit or call 617-699-7077.

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