Moveable Freestanding Signs – Update

While Great Road and other areas have not been inundated with these signs, due to families away on summer vacation and business reduced work schedules, we have received some “not so good feedback” otherwise known as complaints.

#1 complaint is the signs are tacky and unprofessional, making the center of Bedford look tacky or cheap. If you are using one of these signs please make them look professional.


#2 Black Block is getting most of the flack. Residences and businesses don’t know where the “private property ends” and “public property starts”. I f you are confused get in touch with Chris Laskey, he is our code enforcement officer or Jeff Cohen he is the Sign Bylaw Committee chair. Chris has been up at Blake Block several times explaining the do’s and don’t. But for some reason tenants keep doing what they want. If you are tenant there, please remember residence are watching and waiting to vote this amendment out-this fall town meeting.

All sandwich board signs are supposed be in by 8pm. Please tell your manager or employees to bring them in by 8pm


If you are real estate broker who uses the wire signs with directions to open houses, please be sure not to block the intersections. We have got several folks calling having trouble crossing the street due to these signs. Remember SAFETY FIRST!


I think most of us have forgotten what these signs are for. To help small business get more visibility, which helps the businesses bottom line, which in turn allows them to pay their taxes and hire more employees. Making it a WIN-WIN for everyone. My fears if this gets voted out, some of these businesses will not make it in Bedford.


I too don’t want to see Great Road become a cluttered mess. But if we could all stop think about the impact you could be making on your fellow businesses. If you put out a tacky sign, or you leave it out day after day, you are hurting the folks who are following the rules. Remember you don’t need to put it out every day. But isn’t nice to be able to put out a sign with new promotion or event. That is the intent.


Dana from Prince Street Café says her sign has increased her business so much she has hired two employees. And is getting about 5-15 new folks a day. All of them saying, “I never knew” you were here. In her case the sign is working.


In the last year Bedford has opened up 5 new restaurants. All big chains with big marketing budgets, our smaller business can’t compete with them. Bedford says it wants to attract these privately owned “Mom and Pop” type businesses?  Is this really the case?

Or do we only welcome the “big national chains”.  

Besides Dana, who else is seeing an increase in business? I need your numbers. Are you getting more business each day? Did you get hire due to increase volume? Please send me your figures. I need to share with the Committee and the selectman that it is working. Email your results, as we get into September keep collecting these numbers, and keep sharing them with me. (


Our biggest challenge for this to pass is how we are going to enforce it? Chris Laskey is already very busy with all he does for the town. If it passes it will drastically increase his responsibilities. To help the town and Chris we need to some enforcement ourselves.

If you see something off, go to the business let them know they not following the rules.

If you have employees, tell them they must follow the rules, landlords please do the same. Can you help your tenants follow the rules, point out the private areas and public areas, where the signs are allowed on your property! Help eliminate the confusion!


As a member of this committee and the chamber, I have worked really hard the last year in half on your behalf, please if you want this pass. FOLLOW THE RULES! I can see both sides of the issue. There has to be a way we can meet in the middle.


Our next is August 29th, 730pm, town hall. We have a meeting schedule for Sept 5th, but this may change we are trying to meet with the selectman too, possible date Sept 3rd. I will let Maureen know so she can get it out to you all.


Thanks for reading. And remember the residence are watching and waiting to vote this out. So if it is tacky don’t put out. Get a professional looking sign.




Karen Kenney

Member of Chamber of Commerce

Member of Sign By Law Committee


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