The Dental Group

The Dental Group is a publisher of Educational Health Information for dentist and their patients.  The Bedford publisher has launched several publications focused on a segmenting their publications in to specific market focus.

  • Dental Group Articles is consumer benefits oriented media magazines presenting educational topics from dealing with dental anxiety to key questions about dental insurance.
  • Dental Group Docs written by cosmetic dentist provides consumer information on procedures and options for achieving desired cosmetic dental results. As much as twenty-five percent of the population avoids going to the dentist for treatment.
  • Dental Group News is focused on consumer health and empowerment through preventative dentistry education and anti anxiety dentistry options.
  • Dental Group Press delivers press releases, events, and information about dental fund raising charities.
  • Dental Group Pubs provides help for young and older patients who may not be receiving specialized dental treatments that are age appropriate.
  • Implant Dentistry Today presents the latest advancements in dental implantology from procedures.

Thanks to our contributors for their support.